dCache 1.9.0-11 Release Notes

dCache 1.9.0-11 is a maintenance release. If fixes various stability, compatibility, correctness and performance problems.


YAIM based installation: Fixed compatibility with lcg-cr. Fixed configuration of GIP.

SRM: Now uses correct error code for permission denied in srmLs. Added space reservation support for local SRM copies, i.e. server side srmCopy requests within the same dCache instance. SRM now correctly handles internal message timeouts.

Info provider: Changed GlueChunkKey to GlueKey. Fixed publishing of storage areas.

Info service: Added support for different XSLT processors in info-provider and made saxon the default. The processor used is configurable, both by editing dCacheSetup and by setting the environment variable XSLT_PROCESSOR (environment variable).

Chimera: Added a delay in startup to allow Chimera to register in portmap. Removed bashisms in startup script. The cacheClass tag is now handled correctly. Fixed repeated close of database in cleaner.

PnfsManager: Fixed serious performance problem in PnfsManager which generated an unnecessarily high load on the name space provider. The problem was introduced in 1.9.0-10 and users of 1.9.0-10 are urged to upgrade.

Upgrade Instructions

There are no restrictions on the upgrade order from 1.9.0-10 to 1.9.0-11. Any mix of 1.9.0-10 and 1.9.0-11 is supported. Please consult the upgrade instructions of previous releases for mixing 1.9.0-10 and 1.9.0-11 components with earlier releases.