1.9.2-10 Release Notes

dCache 1.9.2-10 is a maintenance release.

Changes to SRM domain: Fixed a database leak.

Upgrade Instructions

When upgrading the SRM door from 1.9.1-10 or 1.9.2-9, the content of the srmrequestcredentials table has to be deleted. This table is present in the database used by the SRM door. Use the psql utility to connect to the database and issue the commands:

 \c dcache
 delete from srmrequestcredentials;

For instance like this:

 Welcome to psql 8.3.7, the PostgreSQL interactive terminal.

 Type:  \copyright for distribution terms
        \h for help with SQL commands
        \? for help with psql commands
        \g or terminate with semicolon to execute query
        \q to quit

 postgres=# \c dcache
 You are now connected to database "dcache".
 dcache=# delete from srmrequestcredentials ;

Please read the upgrade instructions of intermediary releases when upgrading from a release earlier than 1.9.2-9.

Compatibility Matrix

We distinguish between pool components and head nodes. Any component which is not a pool is considered a head node, including doors. The following table shows compatibility between different releases.

1.9.2-10 Head1.9.2-10 Pool
Head 1.9.1-1..7,9..11noyes
1.9.2-1..5,8yes yes
1.9.2-6..10yes yes[1]
Pool 1.9.1-1..7,9..11yesyes
  1. The migration module will not work for -target=pgroup and -target=link.