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Global Configuration with Wormholes

pnfs provides a way to distribute configuration information to all directories in the pnfs filesystem. It can be accessed in a subdirectory .(config)() of any pnfs-directory. It behaves similar to a hardlink. In the default configuration this link points to /pnfs/fs/admin/etc/config/. In it are three files: '.(config)()'/serverId contains the domain name of the site, '.(config)()'/serverName the fully qualified name of the pnfs server, and '.(config)()'/serverRoot should contain 000000000000000000001080 ..

The dCache specific configuration can be found in '.(config)()'/dCache/dcache.conf. This file contains one line of the format <hostname>:<port> per dCap door which may be used by dCap clients when not using URLs. The dccp program will choose randomly between the doors listed here.

Normally, reading from files in pnfs is disabled. Therefore it is necessary to switch on I/O access to the files in '.(config)()'/ by e.g.:

[root] # touch '.(config)()/.(fset)(serverRoot)(io)(on)'

After that, you will notice that the file is empty. Therefore, take care, to rewrite the information.