Support issue tracking system

For all kinds of support requests, please send an e-mail to our ticket system support(at)

When sending bug reports please provide sufficient information for us to reproduce the problem. This should include:

  • The dCache version number.
  • The dcache.conf and layout files.
  • Log files, if they include unexpected entries, especially Java stack traces.
  • A brief description on how your setup looks like (doors, pools, services).

and of course a detailed description of your problem.

Please allow for two working days for the initial reply.

Security issues

The security related issues must be sent to security(at)

Mailing lists

For more general questions please subscribe to the dCache user forum by following the instructions below to ask questions to other dCache users. The developers also read and answer this list.

To subscribe/unsubscribe to one of the mailing lists above, send an e-mail by clicking below.

Subscribing to the user forum

To subscribe, send an email with the subject subscribe user-forum to user-forum-subscribe(at)

Unsubscribing from the user forum

To unsubscribe, send an email with the subject signoff user-forum to user-forum-unsubscribe(at)