Migrating to a new website engine

After almost two decades, the dCache.org web content has been migrated from regular HTML pages written by hand to a modern static site generator based on hugo with the Mainroad template. This change will simplify the maintenance of the web pages and will allow developers to keep the content up-to-date. New pages and documentation can be added by simply dropping a file written in markdown format into the desired directory. The source code of the pages is available on GitHub and can be directly edited in a browser.

dCache is 20!

On the 16th of September 2000, at the Computer User Committee at DESY, a new project, A Homogeneous Distributed Storage Environment for Physics Data Processing, was presented. Its main objectives were to address storage system concerns after HERA and Tevatron accelerator upgrades at DESY and Fermilab. The new system had the following goals: Optimized usage of existing tape drives due to transfer rate adaption. Possible usage of slower and cheaper drive technology without overall performance reduction.