Release policy

dCache follows a time-boxed two dimensional release policy. Every four months we produce a feature release. Feature releases have version numbers like 2.x.0, where x is a positive integer. A new feature release marks the start of a branch; for example, the release of dCache 2.10.0 marked the start of the 2.10-branch.

A feature release is followed up by a number of maintenance releases containing bug fixes or high priority feature tweaks. Maintenance releases for release 2.x.0 have version numbers 2.x.y, with y being some number larger than 0; for example, 2.10.0 is a feature release, 2.10.1 is the first maintenance release for the 2.10-branch and 2.10.2 is the second maintenance release.

Support period

Typically once a year, we designate one branch to a long-term supported release: a golden release. The only difference between long-term releases and other branches is the support period. A golden release is supported until the second subsequent long-term release, which is typically two years. Other branches are supported until the end of the previous golden release support period.

Choosing between golden releases and other branches is a matter of site policy and a matter of taste. Newer branches contain newer features, but they also have shorter support periods and often fewer dCache instances using them. However, upgrading from a golden release to a non-golden branch does not affect the end-of-support date.

Some sites use dCache that is repackaged by another distribution. Such a distribution may recommend a specific version. Sites should follow their distribution’s recommended version.

Release 6.1.4


The frontend’s inotify-over-SSE now honour the ‘frontend.root’ configuration property and any user-specific root. This means that, for any inotify subscription, the path is calculated relative to the doors’ root and the user-specific root. For many dCache sites, this has no impact as they are using the default for both; however, the user root is used to implement the macaroon’s ‘root’ caveat. The current release fixed how inotify subscription requests are processed when made with a macaroon with a ‘root’ caveat.