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In this section we will have a look at the configuration and log files of dCache.

The dCache software is installed in one directory, normally /opt/d-cache/. All configuration files can be found here.

In the previous section we have already seen how a domain is restarted:

[root] # /opt/d-cache/bin/dcache restart <domainName>

Log files of domains are by default stored in /var/log/<domainName>.log. We strongly encourage to configure logrotate to rotate the dCache log files to avoid filling up the log file system. This can typically be achieved by creating the file /etc/logrotate.d/dcache with the following content:

/var/log/*.log {
    rotate 100

More details about domains and cells can be found in Chapter 6, The Cell Package.

The most central component of a dCache instance is the PoolManager cell. It reads additional configuration information from the file /opt/d-cache/config/PoolManager.conf at start-up. However, it is not necessary to restart the domain when changing the file. We will see an example of this below.

Similar to /opt/d-cache/config/PoolManager.conf, pools read their configuration from <poolDir>/pool/setup at startup.