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Renaming a Pool

A pool may be renamed with the following procedure, regardless of the type of files stored on it.

Disable file transfers from and to the pool with

(<poolname>) admin > pool disable -strict

Then make sure, no transfers are being processed anymore. All the following commands should give no output:

(<poolname>) admin > queue ls queue
(<poolname>) admin > mover ls
(<poolname>) admin > p2p ls
(<poolname>) admin > pp ls
(<poolname>) admin > st jobs ls
(<poolname>) admin > rh jobs ls

Now the files on the pools have to be unregistered on the namespace server with

(<poolname>) admin > pnfs unregister


Do not get confused that the commands pnfs unregister and pnfs register contain pnfs in their names. They also apply to dCache instances with Chimera and are named like that for legacy reasons.

Even if the pool contains precious files, this is no problem, since we will register them again in a moment. The files might not be available for a short moment, though. Log out of the pool, and stop the domain running the pool:

[root] # dcache stop <poolDomain>
Stopping <poolDomain> (pid=6070) 0 1 2 3 done
[root] #

Adapt the name of the pool in the layout files of your dCache installation to include your new pool-name. For a general overview of layout-files see the section called “Defining domains and services”.


For example, to rename a pool from swimmingPool to carPool, change your layout file from





Be careful about renaming pools in the layout after users have already been writing to them. This can cause inconsistencies in other components of dCache, if they are relying on pool names to provide their functionality. An example of such a component is the Chimera cache info.

Start the domain running the pool:

[root] # dcache start <poolDomain>
Starting poolDomain done
[root] #

Register the files on the pool with

(<poolname>) admin > pnfs register