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Generating and Displaying Billing Plots

If you have selected to store billing messages to the database, it is also possible to generate and display a set of histograms from the data in these tables. To turn on plot generation, set the property httpd.enable.plots.billing to true and restart the domain in which the httpd is running.


Extract from the layout file:


The the frequency of plot refreshing and the type of plot produced can be controlled by:

  • billingPlotsTimeoutInMins (defaults to 30)
  • httpd.plots.billing.type (defaults to png and can be set to gif)

The plots provide aggregate views of the data for 24-hour, 7-day, 30-day and 365-day periods.

The plot types are:

  • (Giga)bytes read and written for both dCache and HSM backend (if any)

  • Number of transactions/transfers for both dCache and HSM backend (if any)

  • Maximum, minimum and average connection time

  • Cache hits and misses


    The data for this last histogram is not automatically sent, since it contributes significantly to message traffic between the pool manager and the billing service. To store this data (and thus generate the relevant plots), the poolmanager.enable.cache-hit-message property must be set either in dcache.conf or in the layout file for the domain where the poolmanager runs:


Each individual plot can be magnified by clicking on it.