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Chapter 29. dCache Default Port Values

You can use the command dcache ports to get the current list of ports used by a running dCache instance.

The table below lists the default port values as defined in the *.properties files in /usr/share/dcache/defaults/. Those files also provide information about which ports may be deprecated.


Port number Description Component
111 is used by portmapper for NFS portmap
1094 is the xroot port In- and outbound traffic on xrootd doors
2049 is the NFS port In- and outbound traffic on nfs doors
2181 Communication between dCache domains and a (standalone) Zookeeper cluster zookeeper
2288 used to access dCache’s legacy web interface (via http) Inbound for httpdDomain
2811 is the GSIFTP port ftp doors
2880 is the WebDAV port In- and outbound traffic on webdav doors
3456 is for postmaster listening to requests for the PSQL database for dCache database functionality Outbound for SRM, PnfsDomain, dCacheDomain and doors; inbound for PSQL server
3880 used to access dCache View (via https) frontend
8443 is the SRM port. See the SRM chapter Inbound for SRM
11111 is used for internal dCache communication (deprecated) By default: outbound for all components, inbound for dCache domain
22112 provides access to the info service info
22725 is used for Kerberos dCap Inbound for dCap doors
22126 is the port for standard FTP ftp doors
22127 is the Kerberos FTP port ftp doors
22125 is used for dCache’s dCap protocol Inbound for dCap doors
22128 is used for GSIdCap Inbound for GSIdCap doors
22129 is used for dCap authentication purposes Inbound for dCap doors
22224 is used to access the dCache Admin Interface via ssh Inbound for adminDomain