The team provide a set of SRM client programs. These programs interact with the dCache server using the standard SRM protocol. Because these clients use standard SRM calls, the clients will work with any other storage systems that support the SRM protocol.

The packages provided here work without any other dCache packages.

Release Policy

The dCache server and the SRM client contains some code in common. This is because the dCache server SRM implementation needs to include an SRM client to fulfil the server requirements for certain operations. Therefore, SRM client releases happen as a consequence of dCache releases.

Most of the development effort goes into the dCache server, so the majority of dCache server releases see no improvement to the SRM client code. Such server releases are skipped, as they bring no benefit over the existing SRM client release.

When there is a change affecting the SRM client, we release a new SRM client package. Unlike with the dCache server releases, there are no support branches for the SRM client packages. Instead, we release from the latest stable dCache release at that time.

There are some exceptions from this. Most notably for releases from the 2.2-series. This is because dCache server v2.2 is compiled to support Java 6 whereas newer dCache server releases require Java 7 or newer. Because some users have not upgraded to Java 7, we still release SRM client from the 2.2-series dCache server.


SRM Client (for Java 7 or newer) RSS

The SRM clients in this section require a JVM that supports Java 7 (or newer) to run.

Download Rel. Date md5 hash Release notes
21.11.2017 141644ba9a0162f0fc68f11564b0b1e4 notes
21.11.2017 f47c980bfa5a60c46c40836549a0d121
01.11.2017 3e3ac38a8f5e82996671f19f300e23ef notes
01.11.2017 68f851da574cbbf0c57e83081baf0efd
20.03.2017 00ce363226fcc42b4538489779104dfc notes
20.03.2017 29c9c12d3b9822cba5434bcc500e1182
22.02.2017 3e68dc7c1e3435bcab904934df786c51 notes
22.02.2017 d70594b5562ec49244a0f6607d6e6ccd
14.12.2016 8fbdaa29d51f3f90a2feb8caafddd5a7 notes
14.12.2016 996db477260a6835b80abde0f4d517bd
6.12.2016 52374f54290832117030ad47e94a3620 notes
6.12.2016 9faccdb05e2861dffcc2c47808247c0d
1.12.2016 879a3512a4c2467effd5b2ed2e383ffb notes
1.12.2016 dad55145301e894ccffc443c553dbb17
11.10.2016 f968ef0b59325f60f530cda630bf713a notes
11.10.2016 cf94bde71e4fc2edbffaca228762c924
5.10.2016 d0ad65ac7b7ff182641f9060a08f8998 notes
5.10.2016 ccdc6647f4a7b599b8fd77db12766d3f
27.9.2016 43517315d43f61ed82997075e8dd3ef0 notes
27.9.2016 11de158968855b752f4b281e6c71825f
12.9.2016 fc5afb1a50fe95bcd201f372ceba28f7 notes
12.9.2016 dcd303e738770c020146f2e8a3c0155b
12.9.2016 16bceee7d3b7dd500ddedf3ae8011f30 notes
12.9.2016 4e0223ff512957129592d60f7e258198
10.10.2014 469d39dd293dd123ed007115fde8877d notes
10.10.2014 83be1cdc6d96700c6f5751b7f825afee
26.6.2014 77f03444d9d1f46e3a5a674c51ae8f8f notes
26.6.2014 731c388a349ea7e73be6771d6b0b2f2a
08.11.2013 c78d9aab9eff8b167682d0e4ce75ff56 notes

SRM Client (for Java 6) RSS

The SRM clients in this section require a JVM that supports Java 6 (or newer) to run.

Download Rel. Date md5 hash Release notes
26.6.2014 644e51638b51c41fad969a8e122bd346 notes
02.12.2013 f4d28338eef053306e82256cad8ba4fc notes

The older dcache-srmclient releases, which are no longer supported, are available from this link.