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Part II. Configuration of dCache

This part contains descriptions of the components of dCache, their role, functionality within the framework. In short, all information necessary for configuring them.

Table of Contents

  1. ZooKeeper

  2. Chimera

  3. Cell Message passing

  4. The Resilience Service

  5. The poolmanager Service

  6. The dCache Tertiary Storage System Interface

  7. File Hopping

  8. Authorization in dCache

  9. dCache as xRootd-Server

  10. dCache as NFSv4.1 Server

  11. dCache Storage Resource Manager

  12. The statistics Service

  13. The billing Service

  14. The alarms Service

  15. dCache Frontend Service

  16. dCache History Service

  17. ACLs in dCache

  18. GLUE Info Provider

  19. Stage Protection

  20. Using Space Reservations without SRM