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Configuring the srm service

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The Basic Setup

Like other services, the srm service can be enabled in the layout file /etc/dcache/layouts/<mylayout> of your dCache installation. For an overview of the layout file format, please see the section called “Defining domains and services”.


To enable SRM in a separate <srm-${}Domain> in dCache, add the following lines to your layout file:


The use of the srm service requires an authentication setup, see Chapter 10, Authorization in dCache for a general description or the section called “Authentication and Authorization in dCache for an example setup with X.509 certificates.

You can now copy a file into your dCache using the SRM,


Please make sure to use latest srmcp client otherwise you will need to specify -2 in order to use the right version.

[user] $ srmcp file:////bin/sh srm://<>:<8443>/data/world-writable/srm-test-file

copy it back

[user] $ srmcp srm://<>:<8443>/data/world-writable/srm-test-file file:////tmp/srmtestfile.tmp

and delete it

[user] $ srmrm srm://<>:<8443>/data/world-writable/srm-test-file

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Important srm configuration options

The defaults for the following configuration parameters can be found in the .properties files in the directory /usr/share/dcache/defaults.

If you want to modify parameters, copy them to /etc/dcache/dcache.conf or to your layout file /etc/dcache/layouts/<mylayout> and update their value.


Change the value for in the layout file.


The property srm.request.copy.threads controls number of copy requests in the running state. Copy requests are 3-rd party srm transfers and therefore the property transfermanagers.limits.external-transfers is best to be set to the same value as shown below.


The common value should be the roughly equal to the maximum number of the SRM - to -SRM copies your system can sustain.


So if you think about 3 gridftp transfers per pool and you have 30 pools then the number should be 3x30=90.



US-CMS T1 has:



SRM might produce a lot of log entries, especially if it runs in debug mode. It is recommended to make sure that logs are redirected into a file on a large disk.