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Configuring the info provider

In the directory /opt/d-cache/etc you will find a template file glue-1.3.xml.template. Copy this file as glue-1.3.xml in the same directory.

Edit glue-1.3.xml with your favourite text editor.

The file is split into two parts. The first part contains the configuration that a site will typically need to configure. Most sites may leave the second part alone. The two parts are separated by the comment:


Take care when editing the file! After changing the contents, the file must remain valid, well-formed XML. In particular, be very careful not to add a less-than symbol (<) that isn’t part of an XML element, or an ampersand symbol (&) that isn’t part of an entity markup. If you wish to either symbol you must use the marked-up version: &lt; and &amp; respectively. For example:

<constant id="SE-NAME">Simple &amp; small dCache instance for small VOs
(typically &lt; 20 users)</constant>

As a further hint, you should only edit text between two elements or add more elements (for lists and mappings). You should never alter the text inside double-quote marks. For example, with the following element definition:

<constant id="SITE-UNIQUE-ID">EXAMPLESITE-ID</constant>

you should review the contents between the elements (EXAMPLESITE-ID) and edit the contents accordingly. You should never edit the SITE-UNIQUE-ID as it is in double-quote marks. A valid, edited value is:

<constant id="SITE-UNIQUE-ID">DESY-HH</constant>