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Configuring the saml-vo-mapping Plugin

There are two lines in the policy file for this plugin.

# SAML-based grid VO role mapping
# Time in seconds to cache the mapping in memory

The first line containins the URL for the GUMS web service. Replace the URL with that of the site-specific GUMS. When using the "GUMSAuthorizationServicePort", the service will only provide the username mapping and it will still be necesary to have the storage-authzdb file used in other plugins. See the above documentation Configuring storage-authzdb for how to create the file. If a GUMS server providing a "StorageAuthorizationServicePort" with correct uid, gid, and rootpath information for your site is available, the storage-authzdb file is not necesary.

The second line contains the value of the caching lifetime. In order to decrease the volume of requests to the SAML authorization (GUMS) service, authorizations for the saml-vo-mapping method are by default cached for a period of time. To change the caching duration, modify the saml-vo-mapping-cache-lifetime value in /opt/d-cache/etc/dcachesrm-gplazma.policy


To turn off cach caching, set the value to 0.The default value is 60 seconds except for in dCache version 1.9.2, in which the default value is 0; caching is turned off by default in that version.