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To activate Replica Manager you need make changes in all 3 places:

  1. etc/node_config on all admin nodes in this dCache instance.

  2. replicaSetup file on node where replica manager is runnig

  3. define Resilient pool group(s) in PoolManager.conf

#  - - - - Will Replica Manager be started?
#   Values:  no, yes
#   Default: no

This has to be set to yes on every node, if there is a replica manager in this dCache instance. Where the replica manager is started is controlled in etc/node_config. If it is not started and this is set to yes there will be error messages in log/dCacheDomain.log. If this is set to no and a replica manager is started somewhere, it will not work properly.


#  - - - - Which pool-group will be the group of resilient pools?
#   Values:  <pool-Group-Name>, a pool-group name existing in the PoolManager.conf
#   Default: ResilientPools

Only pools defined in pool group ResilientPools in config/PoolManager.conf will be managed by ReplicaManager. You shall edit config/PoolManager.conf to make replica manager work. To use another pool group defined in PoolManager.conf for replication, please specify group name by changing setting :


Please scroll down replica manager tuning make this and other changes.