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Chapter 18.  Stage Protection

Irina Kozlova

Initially dCache has been designed to be a disk cache in front of a Tape Storage System, moving files onto the tape-backend and restoring them when needed. Those operations are handled transparently to the user. The downside of this approach is that a simple read of a file, not being on disk, automatically triggers a tape operation. As tape operations are expensive and may interfere with storing raw data, coming from the Tier 0, this feature had to be reviewed. As a result, it has been agreed with the experiments that only a production user should be allowed to trigger such a tape operation. dCache is now implementing a first version of such a protective mechanism.

A dCache system administrator may specify a list of DNs/FQANs which are allowed to trigger tape read accesses for files not being available on disk. Users, requesting tape-only files, and not being on that white list, will receive a permission error and no tape operation is launched. In 1.9.5-20 release, stage protection can be enhanced to allow authorization specific to a dCache storage group. The additional configuration parameter is optional allowing the stage protection to be backwards compatible when stage authorization is not specific to a storage group.