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The Web Interface for Monitoring dCache

In the standard configuration the dCache web interface is started on the head node and can be reached via port 2288. Point a web browser to http://<adminNode>:2288/ to get to the main menue of the dCache web interface. The contents of the web interface are self-explanatory and are the primary source for most monitoring and trouble-shooting tasks.

The Cell Services page displays the status of some important cells of the dCache instance. You might observe that some cells are marked OFFLINE. In general dCache has no knowledge about which cells are supposed to be online, but for purposes of monitoring, some cells may be hard coded in the file /opt/d-cache/config/httpd.batch:

create diskCacheV111.cells.WebCollectorV3 collector \
    "PnfsManager \
     PoolManager \
     -loginBroker=LoginBroker,srm-LoginBroker \

Additional cells may be added. To take effect, the httpDomain domain must be restarted by executing

[root] # /opt/d-cache/bin/dcache restart httpd

More information about the <domainName>.batch will follow in the next section.

The Pool Usage page gives a good overview of the current space usage of the whole dCache instance. In the graphs, free space is marked yellow, space occupied by cached files (which may be deleted when space is needed) is marked green, and space occupied by precious files, which cannot be deleted. Other states (e.g., files which are currently written) are marked purple.

The page Pool Request Queues (or Pool Transfer Queues) gives information about the number current requests handled by each pool. Actions Log keeps track of all the transfers performed by the pools up to now.

The remaining pages are only relevant with more advanced configurations: The page Pools (or Pool Attraction Configuration) can be used to analyze the current configuration of the pool selection unit in the pool manager. The remaining pages are relevant only if a tertiary storage system (HSM) is connected to the dCache instance.