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Database configuration

dCache ACL support requires database tables to store ACL and ACE information. Depending on the dCache instance, this may require adjusting the database schema. This section describes the operations necessary for Chimera- and pnfs-based dCache instances.

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If a site has migrated from pnfs to Chimera then the chimera database already exists but the database schema must be extended to support ACLs. This is achieved by running two SQL files:

[root] # psql chimera < /opt/d-cache/libexec/chimera/sql/addACLtoChimeraDB.sql
[root] # psql chimera < /opt/d-cache/libexec/chimera/sql/pgsql-procedures.sql

If you are not going to migrate to Chimera and you want to use ACLs with pnfs then you must create a database to store ACL data within. The following commands will create the database aclpnfs so it may be used to store dCache ACL data.

[root] # createdb aclpnfs
[root] # psql aclpnfs < /opt/d-cache/libexec/chimera/sql/create-dCacheACL.sql