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Configuring Central Flushing for a single Pool Group with the AlternatingFlushSchedulerV1 driver

Setting up the PoolManager configuration

Add all pools, which are planned to be centrally flushed to a PoolGroup, lets say flushPoolGroup :

psu create pool migration-pool-1
psu create pool migration-pool-2
psu create pgroup flushPoolGroup
psu addto pgroup flushPoolGroup migration-pool-1
psu addto pgroup flushPoolGroup migration-pool-2

Setting up the central flush batch file.

Create a batchfile /opt/d-cache/config/hsmcontrol.batch with the following content :

set printout default 3
set printout CellGlue none
onerror shutdown
check -strong setupFile
copy file:${setupFile} context:setupContext
import context -c setupContext
check -strong serviceLocatorHost serviceLocatorPort
create  RoutingMgr
create lm \
     "${serviceLocatorHost} ${serviceLocatorPort}"
create diskCacheV111.hsmControl.flush.HsmFlushControlManager FlushManager  \
        "flushPoolGroup \
         -export   -replyObject \
         -scheduler=diskCacheV111.hsmControl.flush.driver.AlternatingFlushSchedulerV1  \
          -driver-config-file=${config}/flushPoolGroup.conf \

Change to /opt/d-cache/jobs and run ./ Ignore possible warnings and error messages. The Script will create the necessary links, mainly the jobs/hsmcontrol startup file. To start the central service run

cd /opt/d-cache/jobs
./hsmcontrol start

This setup will produce quite some output in /var/log/hsmcontrol.log. Reduce the output level if this is not required.

set printout default errors

Setting up the driver properties file

Create a file in /opt/d-cache/config named flushPoolGroup.conf with the content listed below. You may change the content any time. The driver will reload it after awhile.

#  trigger parameter
#  time interval between rule evaluation
# which fraction of the pool set should be rdOnly (maximum)
#  output steering