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Assigning sections to real dCache partitions

A section, so far, is just a set of parameters which may or may not differ from the default set. To let a section relate to a part of the dCache, links are used. Each link may be assigned to exactly one section. If not set, or the assigned section doesn’t exist, the link defaults to the default section.

 psu set link <linkName> -section=<sectionName> [other link options]

Whenever this link is chosen for pool selection, the assosiated parameters of the assigned section will become active for further processing.


Depending on the way links are setup it may very well happen that more than just one link it triggered for a particular dCache request. This is not illegal but leads to an ambiguity in selecting an appropriate dCache section. If only one of the selected links has a section assigned, this section is chosen. Otherwise, if different links point to different sections, the result is indeterminate. This issue is not yet solved and we recommend to clean up the PoolManager configuration to eliminate links with the same preferences for the same type of requests.