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Renaming a Pool

A pool may be renamed with the following procedure, regardless of the type of files stored on it.

Disable file transfers from and to the pool with

(<poolname>) admin > pool disable -strict

Then make sure, no transfers are being processed anymore. All the following commands should give no output:

(<poolname>) admin > queue ls queue
(<poolname>) admin > mover ls
(<poolname>) admin > p2p ls
(<poolname>) admin > pp ls
(<poolname>) admin > st jobs ls
(<poolname>) admin > rh jobs ls

Now the files on the pools have to be unregistered on the pnfs server with

(<poolname>) admin > pnfs unregister

Even if the pool contains precious files, this is no problem, since we will register them again in a moment. The files might not be available for a short moment, though. Log out of the pool, and stop the service:

[root] # jobs/pool[2] -pool=<poolDomainName> stop

Rename the pool in the <poolDomain>.poollist-file. Restart the service:

[root] # jobs/pool -pool=<poolDomainName> -logfile=<dCacheLocation>/log/<poolDomainName>Domain.log start

Register the files on the pool with

(<poolname>) admin > pnfs register

[2] Filenames will always be relative to the dCache installation directory, which defaults to /opt/d-cache/.