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Part III. Cookbook

This part contains guides for specific tasks a system administrator might want to perform.

Table of Contents

19. General
Installing dCache on Opteron Machines
The dCache Server
The dCache Client
pnfs Server
20. Pool Operations
Enabling checksums
How to enable checksums
The default pool behavior
Checksums in detail
ChecksumMover Interface
The DCapProtocol_3_nio Mover
The ChecksumModule
Migration Module
Overview and Terminology
Command Summary
Renaming a Pool
Pinning Files to a Pool
21. Migration of classic SE ( nfs, disk ) to dCache
22. PostgreSQL and dCache
Installing a PostgreSQL Server
Configuring Access to PostgreSQL
Performance of the PostgreSQL Server
23. Complex Network Configuration
Firewall Configuration
The dCap Protocol
The GSIdCap Protocol
The GridFTP Protocol
The SRM Protocol
Pool Selection
Protocol Overview
GridFTP Connections via two or more Network Interfaces
GridFTP with Pools in a Private Subnet
Doors in the DMZ
24. Accounting
25. Protocols
dCap options mover and client options
TCP send/recv buffer sizes from the servers point of view
TCP send/recv buffer sizes from the dCap clients point of view
Specifying dCap open timeouts
Using the dCap protocol for strict file checking
Passive dCap
Preparing the server for dCap passive transfer
Switching the dCap library resp. dccp to PASSIVE
Access to SRM and GridFTP server from behind a firewall
Access with srmcp
Access with globus-url-copy
Disableing unauthenticated dCap via SRM
26. Advanced Tuning
Multiple Queues for Movers in each Pool
Tunable Parameters
27. Statistics Module for pre 1.6.7 releases
General remarks
Directory and File formats
Directory Structure
File Format
HTML Directory Structure
How to activate the statistics module in 1.6.6
General remarks
How to activate the statistics module in 1.6.6