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The StorageInfoQuotaObserver cell

The StorageInfoQuotaObserver keeps track on spaces for all attached pools. The space granularity is based on the StorageInfo. It records precious, total, pinned, free and removable spaces of currently available pools. Pools, not active are not counted. Spaces may be queried by pool, storageinfo or link. For link queries, additional, link specific information is provided for convenience.

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Calling Sequence

define context QuotaManagerSetup  endDefine
   set pool query interval 180
   set pool query steps     20
   set pool query break    200
   set poolmanager query interval 350
   set pool validity timeout 400
create QuotaManager \
              "default -export"

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Parameter setter commands

These commands allow to customize the behaviour of the StorageInfoQuotaObserver. They many determine how often information is updated and how aggressive the cells queries other services for updates. The meaning of the set pool/poolmanager query interval is obvious. Because of the fact, that the number of pools to query can be rather large, the cell allows to send the space update queries in junks with some time inbetween. The junk size is set by set pool query steps and the break between sending junks by set pool query break. If no pool information arrived within the set pool validity timeout the corresponding pool is declared OFFLINE and the spaces are no longer counted.

Table 30.1. Parameter setting reference

CommandArgument TypeArgument UnitMeaning
set pool query intervalTimeSecondsTime interval between pool space queries
set poolmanager query intervalTimeSecondsTime interval between pool manager pool/link queries
set pool query breakTimeMilli-secondsTime interval between pool query 'steps'
set pool query stepsCounterNoneNumber of space queries between 'break'
set pool validity timeoutTimeSecondsIf if pool info arrived within this time, the pool is declared OFFLINE

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Information query commands

  • show pool [<poolName>]

  • show link [<-a>] Lists spaces per link. The <-a> option provides additional information, eg. the storage classes and pools assigned to the particular link.

  • show sci Lists spaces per storage element.

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This cells currently replies on the following cell messages. The different sections are all relative to diskCacheV111.vehicles.

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The StorageInfoQuotaCell provides a list of PoolLinkInfo structures, one per known link, on arrival of the message. Each PoolLinkInfo is filled with the name of the link, the list of storage classes, this link is associtated to, and the totally available space, left in this link. OFFLINE pools are not counted.

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StorageInfoQuotaCell provides the soft and hard quota defined for the specified StorageClass together with the space used.