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Updating information

The information contained within the info service may take a short time to achieve a complete overview of dCache’s state. For certain gathered information it may take a few minutes before the information stabilises. This delay is intentional and prevents the gathering of information from adversely affecting dCache’s performance.

The information presented by the LDAP server is updated periodically by BDII requesting fresh information from the info-provider. The info-provider obtains this information by requesting dCache’s current status from info service. By default, BDII will query the info-provider every 60 seconds. This will introduce an additional delay between a change in dCache’s state and that information propagating.

Some information is hard-coded within the info-provider.xml file; that is, you will need to edit this file before the published value(s) will change. These values are ones that typically a site-admin must choose independently of dCache’s current operations.