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The dCache Book

for 1.9.12-series (FHS layout)


The dCache Book is the guide for administrators of dCache systems. The first part describes the installation of a simple single-host dCache instance. The second part describes the components of dCache and in what ways they can be configured. This is the place for finding information about the role and functionality of components in dCache as needed by an administrator. The third part contains solutions for several problems and tasks which might occur during operating of a dCache system. Finally, the last two parts contain a glossary and a parameter and command reference.

Each release of dCache is available in two file layouts: FHS and opt. The FHS layout has files located according to the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard. Most modern distributions have adopted the FHS, so we recommend that fresh installations of dCache used this layout.

The opt layout places all the files in /opt/d-cache directory. This is where previous versions of dCache located all the packaged files. The opt layout is provided for backwards compatibility and to satisfy those sites that cannot use the FHS layout.