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Chapter 16. dCache Webadmin-Interface

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This part describes how to configure the Webadmin-interface which is a replacement for the old httpd-service and offers additional features to admins like sending admin-commands equal to those of admin to chosen cells.

The Webadmin-interface receives the information from dCache info service as XML which are parsed and presented. For authentication and authorisation it offers usage of username/password (currently KAuth-File) or grid-certificates talking to gPlazma. It also offers a non-authenticated, read-only mode.

If you are logged in as admin it is possible to send a command to multiple pools or a whole poolgroup in one go. It is even possible to send a command to any dCache-Cell.

From the technical point of view the Webadmin-interface uses a Jetty-Server which is embedded in an ordinary dCache-cell. It is using apache-wicket (a webfrontend-framework) and YAML (a CSS-Template Framework). The application is wired up by a Spring IOC-Container.