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Chapter 24. Accounting

The raw information about all dCache activities can be found in /var/lib/dcache/billing/<YYYY>/<MM>/billing-<YYYY.MM.DD>. A typical line looks like


05.31 22:35:16 [pool:<pool-name>:transfer] [000100000000000000001320,24675] myStore:STRING@osm 24675 474 true {GFtp-1.0 <client-host-fqn> 37592} {0:""}

The first bracket contains the pool name, the second the pnfs ID and the size of the file which is transferred. Then follows the storage class, the actual amount of bytes transferred, and the number of milliseconds the transfer took. The next entry is true if the transfer was a wrote data to the pool. The first braces contain the protocol, client FQN, and the client host data transfer listen port. The final bracket contains the return status and a possible error message.

The dCache web interface (described in the section called “The Web Interface for Monitoring dCache) contains under the menu point Actions Log summary information extracted from the information in the billing-directory.

The accounting information can also be redirected into a database. When interested in this feature, please contact .