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Parameters, partitions and inheritance

Parameters, currently part of the partitioning scheme, are listed within the next paragraph, together with a way of assigning values. Each of those parameters may be set to different values for different, so called dCache partitions.

The only partition, existing without being created, is the default partition. All partitions can be created or modified. If only a subset of parameters of a non default partition is defined, the residual parameters of this partition are inherited from the default partition. So, changing a parameter in the default partition, will change the same parameter of all other partitions for which this particular parameter has not been overwritten.

Commands related to dCache partitioning :

  • pm create [<partitionName>]

    creates a new partition.

  • pm set [<partitionName>] -<parameterName> [=<value>|off]

    sets a parameter <parameterName> to a new value. If <partitionName> is omitted, the default partition is used.

    If <partitionName> doesn’t exist yet, it is (silently) created.


    This can cause problems: If you want to set a value for a partition and misspell the partition name a new partition will be created. Therefore this feature will be removed.

    If a parameter is set to off this parameter is no longer overwritten and is inherited from the default partition. Setting a value to off for the default partition does not have any effect.

  • pm ls [-l] [<partitionName>]

    lists a single or all partitions. Except for the default, only those parameters are shown which are explicitly set. Parameters, not shown, are inherited from the default partition.

  • pm destroy <partitionName>

    completely removes a partition from dCache.

In the Web Interface you can find a web page listing partitions and more information. You will find a page summarizing the partition status of the system. This is essentially the output of the command pm ls -l.


For your dCache on the address is*