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Properties of the replica service


Default: replicaManager

Cell name of the replica service


Default: no

Set this value to yes if you want to use the replica service.


Default: ResilientPools

If you want to use another pool group for the resilient pools set this value to the name of the resilient pool group.


Default: localhost

Set this value to the name of host of the replica service database.


Default: replicas

Name of the replica database table.


Default: srmdcache

Change if the replicas database was created with a user other than srmdcache.


Default: no password


Default: org.postgresql.Driver

replica service was tested with PostgreSQL only.


Default: 600 (10 min)

Pools Watch Dog poll period. Poll the pools with this period to find if some pool went south without sending a notice (messages). Can not be too short because a pool can have a high load and not send pings for some time. Can not be less than pool ping period.


Default: 43200 (12 hours)


Default: 1200 (20 min)

On first start it might take some time for the pools to get connected. If replication started right away, it would lead to massive replications when not all pools were connected yet. Therefore the database init thread sleeps some time to give a chance to the pools to get connected.


Default: 1200 (20 min)

Normally Adjuster waits for database init thread to finish. If by some abnormal reason it cannot find a database thread then it will sleep for this delay.


Default: 43200 (12 hours)

Timeout for pool-to-pool replica copy transfer.


Default: 43200 (12 hours)

Timeout to delete replica from the pool.


Default: false

Disable / enable debug messages in the log file.


Default: 6

Number of worker threads to do the replication. The same number of worker threads is used for reduction. Must be more for larger systems but avoid situation when requests get queued in the pool.


Default: 2

Minimum number of replicas in pools which are online or offline.


Default: 3

Maximum number of replicas in pools which are online or offline.


Default: true

Checks tag.hostname which can be specified in the layout file for each pool.

Set this property to false if you do not want to perform this check.


Default: false

If set to true you allow files to be copied to a pool, which has the same tag.hostname as the source pool.


The property replicaCheckPoolHost needs to be set to true if replicaEnableSameHostReplica is set to false.