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The Statistics Web Page

Point a web browser to your dCache webpage at http://<>:2288/. On the bottom you find the link to Statistics.

The statistics data needs to be collected for a day before it will appear on the web page.


You will get an error if you try to read the statistics web page right after you enabled the statistics as the web page has not yet been created.

Create data and the web page by logging in to the admin interface and running the commands create stat and create html.

(local) admin > cd PoolStatistics@<httpdDomain>
(PoolStatistics@)<httpdDomain> admin > create stat
Thread started for internal run
(PoolStatistics@)<httpdDomain> admin > create html

Now you can see a statistics web page.

Statistics is calculated once per hour at <HH>:55. The daily stuff is calculated at 23:55. Without manual intervention, it takes two midnights before all HTML statistics pages are available. There is a way to get this done after just one midnight. After the first midnight following the first startup of the statistics module, log into the PoolStatistics cell and run the following commands in the given sequence. The specified date has to be the Year/Month/Day of today.

(PoolStatistics@)<httpdDomain> admin > create html <YYYY> <MM> <DD>
(PoolStatistics@)<httpdDomain> admin > create html <YYYY> <MM>
(PoolStatistics@)<httpdDomain> admin > create html <YYYY>
(PoolStatistics@)<httpdDomain> admin > create html

You will see an empty statistics page at http://<>:2288/statistics/.

On the Statistics Help Page http://<>:2288/docs/statisticsHelp.html you find an explanation for the colors.