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Part II. Configuration of dCache

This part contains descriptions of the components of dCache, their role, functionality within the framework. In short, all information necessary for configuring them.

Table of Contents

4. Chimera
Mounting Chimera through NFS
Using dCap with a mounted file system
Communicating with Chimera
Directory Tags
Create, List and Read Directory Tags if the Namespace is not Mounted
Create, List and Read Directory Tags if the Namespace is Mounted
Directory Tags and Command Files
Directory Tags for dCache
Storage Class and Directory Tags
5. pnfs
The Use of pnfs in dCache
Communicating with the pnfs Server
Directory Tags
Global Configuration with Wormholes
Deleted Files in pnfs
Access Control
The Databases of pnfs
6. The Cell Package
7. The replica Service (Replica Manager)
The Basic Setup
Define a poolgroup for resilient pools
Pool States
Avoid replicas on the same host
Hybrid dCache
Commands for the admin interface
Properties of the replica service
8. The poolmanager Service
The Pool Selection Mechanism
Storage Classes
Cache Class
Link Groups
The Cost Module
The Performance Cost
The Space Cost
The Total Cost
9. The dCache Tertiary Storage System Interface
Scope of this chapter
Requirements for a Tertiary Storage System
Migrating Tertiary Storage Systems with a file system interface.
Tertiary Storage Systems with a minimalistic PUT, GET and REMOVE interface
How dCache interacts with a Tertiary Storage System
Details on the TSS-support executable
Summary of command line options
Summary of return codes
The executable and the STORE FILE operation
The executable and the FETCH FILE operation
The executable and the REMOVE FILE operation
Configuring pools to interact with a Tertiary Storage System
The dCache layout files
What happens next
How to Store-/Restore files via the Admin Interface
How to monitor what’s going on
Log Files
Obtain information via the dCache Command Line Admin Interface
Example of an executable to simulate a tape backend
10. File Hopping
File Hopping on arrival from outside dCache
File mode of replicated files
File Hopping managed by the PoolManager
File Hopping managed by the HoppingManager
11. dCache Partitioning
Parameters, partitions and inheritance
Partition Parameters
Partitions and Links
Disallowing pool to pool transfers for special pool groups based on the access protocol
Choosing pools randomly for incoming traffic only
12. Authorization in dCache
Using X.509 Certificates
CA Certificates
User Certificate
Host Certificate
VOMS Proxy Certificate
Configuration files
The gplazmalite-vorole-mapping plug-in
Authorizing a VO
The kpwd plug-in
The grid-mapfile plug-in
The saml-vo-mapping plug-in
The xacml-vo-mapping plug-in
gPlazma specific dCache configuration
Using Direct Calls of gPlazma1 Methods
gPlazma config example to work with authenticated webadmin
13. dCache as xRootd-Server
Setting up
Quick tests
Copying files with xrdcp
Accessing files from within ROOT
xrootd security
Read-Write access
Permitting read/write access on selected directories
Token-based authorization
Strong authentication
Precedence of security mechanisms
Other configuration options
14. dCache Storage Resource Manager
Configuring the srm service
The Basic Setup
Important srm configuration options
Utilization of Space Reservations for Data Storage
Properties of Space Reservation
dCache specific concepts
Activating SRM SpaceManager
Explicit and Implicit Space Reservations for Data Storage in dCache
SpaceManager configuration for Explicit Space Reservations
SRM SpaceManager and Link Groups
Making a Space Reservation
SRM configuration for experts
Configuring the PostgreSQL Database
SRM or srm monitoring on a separate node
General SRM Concepts (for developers)
The SRM service
Space Management Functions
Data Transfer Functions
Request Status Functions
Directory Functions
Permission functions
15. The statistics Service
The Basic Setup
The Statistics Web Page
Explanation of the File Format of the xxx.raw Files
16. dCache Webadmin-Interface
17. ACLs in dCache
Database configuration
Configuring ACL support
Enabling ACL support
Enabling the acl service
Administrating ACLs
How to set ACLs
Viewing configured ACLs
18. GLUE Info Provider
Internal collection of information
Configuring the info provider
Testing the info provider
Decommissioning the old info provider
Publishing dCache information
Troubleshooting BDII problems
Updating information
19. Stage Protection
Configuration of Stage Protection
Definition of the White List