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Chapter 28. dCache Cell Commands

Table of Contents

Common Cell Commands
pin — Adds a comment to the pinboard.
info — Print info about the cell.
dump pinboard — Dump the full pinboard of the cell to a file.
show pinboard — Print a part of the pinboard of the cell to STDOUT.
PnfsManager Commands
pnfsidof — Print the pnfs id of a file given by its global path.
flags remove — Remove a flag from a file.
flags ls — List the flags of a file.
flags set — Set a flag for a file.
metadataof — Print the meta-data of a file.
pathfinder — Print the global or local path of a file from its PNFS id.
set meta — Set the meta-data of a file.
storageinfoof — Print the storage info of a file.
cacheinfoof — Print the cache info of a file.
Pool Commands
rep ls — List the files currently in the repository of the pool.
st set max active — Set the maximum number of active store transfers.
rh set max active — Set the maximum number of active restore transfers.
mover set max active — Set the maximum number of active client transfers.
mover set max active -queue=p2p — Set the maximum number of active pool-to-pool server transfers.
pp set max active — Set the value used for scaling the performance cost of pool-to-pool client transfers analogous to the other set max active-commands.
set gap — Set the gap parameter - the size of free space below which it will be assumed that the pool is full within the cost calculations.
set breakeven — Set the breakeven parameter - used within the cost calculations.
mover ls — List the active and waiting client transfer requests.
migration cache — Caches replicas on other pools.
migration cancel — Cancels a migration job
migration clear — Removes completed migration jobs.
migration concurrency — Adjusts the concurrency of a job.
migration copy — Copies files to other pools.
migration info — Shows detailed information about a migration job.
migration ls — Lists all migration jobs.
migration move — Moves replicas to other pools.
migration suspend — Suspends a migration job.
migration resume — Resumes a suspended migration job.
PoolManager Commands
rc ls — List the requests currently handled by the PoolManager
cm ls — List information about the pools in the cost module cache.
set pool decision — Set the factors for the calculation of the total costs of the pools.

This is the reference to all (important) cell commands in dCache. You should not use any command not documented here, unless you really know what you are doing. Commands not in this reference are used for debugging by the developers.

This chapter serves two purposes: The other parts of this book refer to it, whenever a command is mentioned. Secondly, an administrator may check here, if he wonders what a command does.