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Setting up

The xrootd functionality is contained in all dCache releases starting from 1.7.0. Versions prior to this are not supported!

To allow file transfers in and out of dCache using xrootd, a new xrootd door must be started. This door acts then as the entry point to all xrootd requests. Compared to the native xrootd server-implementation (produced by SLAC), the xrootd door refers to the redirector node.

To enable the xrootd door, just change the config file ${dCacheHome}/etc/node_config so that it contains the line

..  XROOTD=yes

After a restart of the dCache core-services, done by executing

[root] # ${dCacheHome}/bin/dcache-core restart

the xrootd door should be running. A few minutes later it should appear at the web monitoring interface under "Cell Services" (see the section called “The Web Interface for Monitoring dCache).


Starting from version 1.7.0 (patchlevel 20), the xrootd door is set to readonly by default. In prior versions, the door is started in unsecure mode, giving clients unrestricted read and write access. Please refer to the section called “xrootd security” on how to setup security.

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The default port the xrootd door is listening on is 1094. This can be changed in ${dCacheHome}/config/dCacheSetup by setting the variable "xrootdPort" to the desired value (again restart required).

The number of parallel xrootd file transfers per pool node is limited by the portrange defined in ${dCacheHome}/config/dCacheSetup, since each transfer occupies one (not firewalled) port for its own. The portrange can be set via the property "" in the line

java_options="-server -Xmx512m -XX:MaxDirectMemorySize=512m -Dorg.globus.tcp.port.range=50000,52000 -Dorg.dcache.dcap.port=0 "

In the above example, the maximum would be 30 simultaneous xrootd transfers per pool. Any change to the door port or the portrange requires a dDache-core- or accordingly dCache-pool- restart.