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Decommissioning the old info provider

Sites that were using the old (pre-1.9.5) info provider should ensure that there are no remnants of this old info-provider on their machine. Although the old info-provider has been removed from dCache, it relied on static LDIF files, which might still exist. If so, then BDII will obtain some information from the current info-provider and some out-of-date information from the static LDIF files. BDII will then attempt to merge the two sources of information. The merged information may provide a confusing description of your dCache instance, which may prevent clients from working correctly.

The old info provider had two static LDIF files and a symbolic link for BDII. These are:

  • The file lcg-info-static-SE.ldif,

  • The file: lcg-info-static-dSE.ldif,

  • The symbolic link /opt/glite/etc/gip/plugin, which points to /opt/d-cache/jobs/infoDynamicSE-plugin-dcache.

The two files (lcg-info-static-SE.ldif and lcg-info-static-dSE.ldif) appear in the /opt/lcg/var/gip/ldif directory; however, it is possible to alter the location BDII will use. In BDII v4, the directory is controlled by the static_dir variable (see /opt/glite/etc/gip/glite-info-generic.conf or /opt/lcg/etc/lcg-info-generic.conf). For BDII v5, the BDII_LDIF_DIR variable (defined in /opt/bdii/etc/bdii.conf) controls this behaviour.

You must delete the above three entries: lcg-info-static-SE.ldif, lcg-info-static-dSE.ldif and the plugin symbolic link.

The directory with the static LDIF, /opt/lcg/var/gip/ldif or /opt/glite/etc/gip/ldif by default, may contain other static LDIF entries that are relics of previous info-providers. These may have filenames like static-file-SE.ldif.

Delete any static LDIF file that contain information about dCache. With the info-provider, all LDIF information comes from the info-provider; there should be no static LDIF files. Be careful not to delete any static LDIF files that come as part of BDII; for example, the default.ldif file, if present.