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Testing the info provider

Once you have configured info-provider.xml to reflect your site’s configuration, you may test that the info provider produces meaningful results.

Running the info-provider script should produce GLUE information in LDIF format; for example:

[root] # dcache-info-provider | head -20
#  LDIF generated by Xylophone v0.2
#  XSLT processing using SAXON 6.5.5 from Michael Kay 1 (
#   at: 2011-05-11T14:08:45+02:00

objectClass: GlueSETop
objectClass: GlueSE
objectClass: GlueKey
objectClass: GlueSchemaVersion
GlueSEStatus: Production
GlueSEImplementationName: dCache
GlueSEArchitecture: multidisk
GlueSEImplementationVersion: 1.9.12-3 (ns=Chimera)
GlueSESizeTotal: 86

The actual values you see will be site-specific and depend on the contents of the info-provider.xml file and your dCache configuration.

To verify that there are no problems, redirect standard-out to /dev/null to show only the error messages:

[root] # dcache-info-provider >/dev/null

If you see error messages (which may be repeated several times) of the form:

[root] # dcache-info-provider >/dev/null
Recoverable error
Failure reading http://localhost:2288/info: no more input

then it is likely that either the httpd or info service has not been started. Use the above wget test to check that both services are running. You can also see which services are available by running the dcache services and dcache status commands.