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Requirements for a Tertiary Storage System

dCache can only drive intelligent Tertiary Storage Systems. This essentially means that tape robot and tape drive operations must be done by the TSS itself and that there is some simple way to abstract the file PUT, GET and REMOVE operation.

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Migrating Tertiary Storage Systems with a file system interface.

Most migrating storage systems provide a regular POSIX file system interface. Based on rules, data is migrated from primary to tertiary storage (mostly tape systems). Examples for migrating storage systems are:

  • HPSS (High Performance Storage System)
  • DMF (Data Migration Facility)

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Tertiary Storage Systems with a minimalistic PUT, GET and REMOVE interface

Some tape systems provide a simple PUT, GET, REMOVE interface. Typically, a copy-like application writes a disk file into the TSS and returns an identifier which uniquely identifies the written file within the Tertiary Storage System. The identifier is sufficient to get the file back to disk or to remove the file from the TSS. Examples are: